About Doug Kereszturi


Who am I? It all depends on who you ask, but most people will say that I’m the one who cracks a joke in a completely serious situation, just to get a smile out of you.

Here are a few random, but true facts about me.

– I love the outdoors. I love to hike, canoe, camp, fish & mountain bike. I auditioned to be on the very first season of Survivor, hence the reason I now make wedding films.

– I love making wedding films. It is humbling to know that I am such a small part of a bride and grooms big wedding day!  I believe your wedding film should be as unique as you are.

– I love music. I play the drums.  I once played a song at “The Stage on Broadway” in Nashville TN.  That was my 15 minutes (or less).

– To add to the above statement, I turned down an internship at the Grand Ole Opry.

– You might not believe it, but at one point, I had really long hair. It’s OK, you can laugh. I still do. My long hair was the reason I did not take the internship, because I refused to cut it.

– I love family.  My family is everything to me. My wife and kids inspire me every day. I am truly blessed to be married to my lovely wife Bethany.  It is a great honor to be called “Dad” by my amazing kids, Tanner and Jenna.

I’m very fortunate to share my passion with couples who desire something fresh, sweet and timeless to create their story.

Thanks for reading… Let’s talk some more.